Does Rest = Restoration = Health = Wealth?

Take The Period Empress' 9-Day Challenge to find out!

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Carving time out of your schedule for rest through gentleness…even if you think you have no time!

Having your period can be difficult, but often our own self-care habits and lifestyle choices just seem to make it worse

Having your period can be one of the most exasperating and difficult experiences, but often our own self-care habits and lifestyle choices just seem to make it worse. For many of us, it can feel like a never-ending cycle of period misery that we can’t seem to break out of.

Our fear of investing in rest, especially when it comes to our periods, can stop us in our tracks. We are overwhelmed with life obligations that take precedence over our own health and wellness and we often feel guilty for taking the time and energy to take a break or rest in order to alleviate our period related symptoms. 

We also think of self-care as being selfish, and as a result, it can be difficult to prioritize ourselves and make space for rest. On top of that, if you’re like most of us, you probably don’t know much about how to effectively end period misery.

You might find yourself stuck in a cycle of period pain, fatigue, and bloating without any idea of how to find relief. You may also be terrified of letting go of habits that trigger your period pain or exacerbate your symptoms. If this sounds all too familiar, you are not alone.

"For optimum health and function, the average adult should get seven to nine hours of sleep every night. But more than 60% of women regularly fall short of that goal. This may be due to insomnia or another underlying condition that may require medical attention"--Harvard University.

The 9-Day Restorative Challenge 

  • Christine Marie Quigless, The Period Empress walks us through gentle actions to create more time for rest in our lives.
  • Many of us who suffer from Period Problems are used to having to work very hard (when we are well enough to work) because of our fear of a flare up of pain/discomfort/migraines or a surprise irregular cycle.
  • This Challenge helps us address and start the shift away from the period problems we face.
  • Rest. Pure Rest, slows and eventually stops the momentum of the habits that can trigger period pain.  
  • By embracing Rest through gentleness we see the way we sacrifice ourselves and our time out of guilt and shame. 
  • We will stop letting others down when we stop letting ourselves continue to compromise what we need the most, rest. When we do this, we set open our body up to Healing our Period Problems. 

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

The course is available to you immediately after you join! You will begin at Day 1 and each day, for the next nine days, you will receive a reminder in your email to pop in for your 10 minutes of learning and homework. In total, the course takes about 90 minutes, parsed out in 10-minute increments for nine days. At the end of the 9-Days, you will know how to make time for yourself, advocate for your time (without feeling guilty), and will have experienced the benefits of rest and much-needed restoration.

This Process Makes Ending Period Problems Easier

Get a feel for our Approach to Ending Period Problems, with a focus on finding ways to create space for rest in our very busy lives through gentleness. This course ensures that those who join the Collective are prepared  for the low-action, high impact journey. 

Easy (but maybe not so simple): Just 10 mins/day

Finding 10 mins/day may seem super easy, but not for a lot of us who are so used to being everything for everyone. We take your time seriously and use these 10 mins as the opportunity to challenge you to hold your time, your 10 mins, sacred. If this strikes you as a big ask, this Challenge is for you. 

Encourage Regular Cycle Lengths

A rest-centered lifestyle offers dynamically healing changes to reset your cycle and make it regular, reduce heavy flow, and lighten pain associated with your period. Past participants have seen immediate adjustments, including changes from irregular to regular cycle-lengths, and from heavy to light flow. What changes will the Challenge bring to your period? To your life?

Let Your Body Heal Your Body

We don't need special diets, supplements, hormones, or medication to create positive physical changes in our bodies. The 9-Day Radical Restorative offers a taste of what it is like to heal without suffering and sacrifice. Everyone wants a list of things to eat and exercises to do and pills to take to make their body better. There are directions for you to follow: this Challenge helps you access them from within. We have such powerful inner knowing and this is an opportunity to use it. 


Now it’s time to introduce your Bonuses!

Besides giving you the much-needed rest that you may not have had in years and positively affecting your Period Health, the course itself has bonuses! 


Free Admission to the Live Challenges

Even though you're purchasing the Evergreen Version of The 9-Day Radical Restorative Challenge, you are welcome to join the Live Versions of the Challenge that happen 2-4x/year. 

 Future Live 9-Day Challenges include Q&A Opportunities and Conversation with Christine Marie. Click here to know when the next Live Challenge takes place. 


"What gets recorded grows. What gets recorded and reported grows exponentially"--Karl Pearson

Use your workbook to track your actions and their benefits, so that you can fail better to fail better to fail better! 

We are major win hoarders over here, and we know that a powerful factor of your success comes with literally doing the homework and memorializing it for yourself. Our workbook is beautiful and handy, so that you can do both of these things. 

Lifetime Access

Unlike most of the courses offered in the Membership, you get to access this course as much as you wish, so that you can do the Challenge as often as you wish. 

We are huge fans of habit and consistency and want to make sure that you get as much out of every round of the challenge that you do on your own or Live (yes, we do a Live version of the course once a season!). 

With Lifetime Digital Access, anywhere and anytime is the right time for Radical Restoration!

About The 9-Day Restorative Challenge Leader,Christine Marie Quigless

Christine Marie Quigless, the Period Empress, developed a pragmatically driven, zero-substance, which = zero-risk, solution, to eradicate pain, PMS, and symptoms of Menstrual Disorders through her proprietary system, Fierce Gentleness™ .

The results of her work on herself (she is Case Study 3: endometriosis diagnosis, ovary removal, debilitating cramps, extremely volatile PMS) and her clients prove that the our periods and our bodies are not broken, just out of balance, so we balance them and up-level our lives in the process.

The world needs us at our full power: now, more than ever, and getting to our wholeness and ending the causes of our period problems are within reach and much easier than you think!

People who join the 9-Day Radical Restorative Challenge will enjoy:

  • Thoughts coming to mind more easily and more clearly, 
  • Feeling more comfortable in the body itself,
  • More restful and restorative sleep, and an improved mood,
  • Reduced aches and pains--the body is restoring after all--
  •  A feeling of having more control over your experiences, with more freedom to make informed choices, 
  •  The first-hand experience of the strong connections between lifestyle and wellness,
  • Enhanced relationships with others, through increased confidence and self-esteem, 
  • Improved energy levels,  
  • Valuing our time: we stop giving away our time because we experience how much it matters.

By joining the Collective and taking part in the 9-Day Radical Restorative Challenge, you not only give yourself the opportunity to experience these amazing benefits, but you also get an idea of the passive Steady + Free Approach. You will finish this Challenge better equipped to make changes that improve your life--especially your Period Problems.

...Or You Could Keep Doing What You're Doing...

As Shakespeare says in Macbeth, "Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow...". Our lives are too precious, our unique gifts that we bring to our worlds are too sacred, and news flash: Being everything for everyone is not a talent; it's a crutch.

$500/hour is what it costs to Coach live with Christine Marie, The Period Empress. 

Because she listens and coaches from an entirely different perspective, a solution dedicated to treating the causes of your menstrual health issues rather than the symptoms, just a few minutes reverses years of menstrual suffering. 

This Challenge is her searingly dynamic coaching on-demand. 

9 times out of 10, the Coaching Session ends with directions to get as much rest as possible and 9 times out of 10 the Coaching Session is dedicated to empowering the client to realize that they are worthy of rest, of thriving rather than surviving. This Challenge does the same thing. 

Save your $500 for a session with CM. 

Save the $5,000 or $50,000 you're already giving away in missed work, missed sales opportunities, vacation cancellations, missed family events, doctor visits, health insurance pre-condition fees, prescriptions, purchasing special foods, and pain treatment. 

Help your body heal your body.  

The Course

Engage the Power of Rest to Kickstart Your Menstrual Healing Journey



  • Stop living in the way that is nurturing your Period Problems.
  • Optimize your body for showing up at your actual 100% by operating from 100% rest. 
  • 10 mins/day.
  • Prepare your body for the 90-Day Process that ends Period Problems (if you are in the Collective).
  • Within as few as three days, possibly, see changes in your cycle, flow volume, and flow duration. 
regular course

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  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
Advanced course

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  • Lifetime Access
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  • X number of bonuses
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • 30 minute private coaching call

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our company’s values are integrity, presence, and sacredness.

At Steady + Free, we show up to create experiences that passively empower your wholeness. We attract what we are and trust that when you access this course, you are ready for it and take it upon yourself to take action on what you learn. 

If you feel that we fell short of our mission with you, we want to help, and welcome your feedback, concerns, and of course: wins!

We only offer refunds as a result of the cancellation of Live 9-Day Restorative Challenges. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this Challenge available outside of the Membership?

I created The 9-Day Radical Restorative Challenge because new members would find themselves suddenly exhausted and needing massive amounts of rest when they initially joined the Collective. It was like their body, out of sheer relief that it is actually going to be heard and get the effective care it needed, started to prepare itself to shift to ending Menstrual Suffering. The results from this process by itself were so impactful and occurred so quickly that we realized that people who do not need a shift out of Menstrual Suffering can benefit from nutritious rest as well. Many of us have mistaken surviving and waking up groggy as being rested.

This 9-Day Challenge resets our system to stop tolerating exhaustion: it strips the body of needed resources, diminishes our lifespan, and encourages illness, which for many people with a uterus, shows up as Menstrual Suffering.

Why is it called a "Challenge"?

Whether you're doing this Challenge Live or on your own, finding time for rest in a society that is constantly overwhelmed with ads, alarms, emails, time-sensitive activities, is not an easy feat. We found that asking our members to make time for rest resulted in no rest. Helping our members create time for rest, made a huge difference. That is a major advantage of this Challenge. 

Another reason that this is a Challenge is because we are going against a stream of messaging that targets women and tells them that they need to be everything for everyone just to be allowed to matter. When we are constantly trying to earn the right to matter, our health goes by the wayside. Showing up to this challenge each day empowers our participants to challenge the status quo and in so doing, they start reaping the benefits of actually being rested by showing up in their wholeness and their lives change. 

It is a challenge to embrace change in our lives, even when it is positive. 

Why is this Challenge different from other programs devoted to Rest?

There is an entire world of services and highly impactful thought leaders who dedicate their life's mission to rest-centered living, this Challenge is not that.

At Steady + Free, rest has shown itself to be a determinant for ending Period Problems and for easeful impact in our lives. The body needs high levels of rest when it prepares to undergo the dynamic restoration process that shifts people to Menstrual Awesomeness, which can takes up to 90 days (to activate).

The amount of rest created by the 9-Day Challenge is much higher than what is needed for the sustained shift that occurs over 90 days, but it is very useful and makes the beginning of the shift easier. 

What if I don't get the results I'm expecting?

We are blown away by the results that participants get from this Challenge. When we first created it, we had no idea what to expect and created the Challenge as a way to help members of the Collective carve out space for rest since rest seemed inevitable for most members. 

That said, not every member joins the Collective and is overwhelmed with exhaustion because every body is different. 

Most participants who don't get the results they were expecting actually need to extend their length of rest. In which case, we recommend that they redo the 9-Day Challenge, but treat it like a 30-Day Challenge. Rest does the body good, full stop. And all of the benefits listed on this page are clinically proven to result from rest. 

Another reason we may not be getting the results we are expecting is because we don't actually rest. Some people think that watching Netflix/movies/TV is resting. It turns out that this activity can be quite exhausting because of the amount of mental and emotional energy engaging sight and sound requires and because of the high-levels of shocking stimulation that attack our systems. We put ourselves in a zombie-like trance where our brain seems to be disengaged, but actually it's so overstimulated that it can't communicate the burden. 

We offer an exhaustive list of what rest is to make sure that you're getting actual rest that address all four parts of your holistic being: intuitive, physical, mental, and emotional. 

How can I maintain these benefits long term?

You have lifetime access to the course, so you can do this as many times as you wish! We also welcome Challenge Finishers to participate in our Live Challenges, which happen once a season, free of charge. 

If you're loving these benefits on want to not just maintain but expand your wins from this place of holistic rest, the next step is to join the Collective.

What if I want to do this Challenge with a group? Can I make special arrangements or get a Group Offer?

So far, Retreat Programs, Executive Coaching Programs, and Trauma-Related Programs have used this Challenge for their respective groups. We are always happy to discuss special group arrangements with you to include brand-specific workbooks, to host a temporary community, and to offer a group rate for this 9-Day Challenge. Please email support: for more information. 

Put your oxygen mask on first before helping others...

Most of us have been suffering unnecessarily for too long. We deserve to feel empowered, and not frustrated, always grasping for a few extra minutes of sleep. What are we modeling for ourselves and our children? What if there is an easier way?

The 9-Day Radical Restorative Challenge is the perfect way to start reclaiming your health and help you restore balance from within. I will walk you through gentle actions to create more time for rest in your life, not just for your period but for mental and emotional health too. The Challenge is the first step towards taking your power back and being able to bring balance to the emotional, mental, and physical chaos that comes from a body in shock or in hyper burnout. I invite you to commit to your holistic health today and to give yourself the restorative time your body craves.

Your body needs it, you deserve it, your projects, creations, family, relationships--your impact on the world deserves the best of you, the thriving (not surviving) you.

Investing in this Challenge will truly be an investment in your health - one that will pay dividends for years to come. Don't wait any longer. Enroll in the Challenge and make today the day you choose to reclaim your right to whole health. Only a fully rested body can literally show up at 100%.