Join the Collective! 

Laugh with us! 

End the frustration with us!

Going from Painful to Pain-free, Irregular to Regular Cycles is so much easier together!

10 Mins/Day. 

10 Mins/Day for 90 Days. That's all that is standing between you and the end of your Period Pain/Problems. 

For a fraction of the amount of time spent zombie scrolling on IG you get to say hello to: 

Joyful Woman
Valued Time

-Preserving, respecting, honoring, YOUR TIME (non-renewable resource).

-Strategically batching your tasks/activities according to Phase. 


-Getting to Regular, Pain-Free, Cycles  = Improved Fertility even with PCOS, Fibroids, Endometriosis.

Joyful Smiling Woman
More Money

-Charging Your Value.

-Making back your Membership Investment (2x, 3x, 5x) just from the amount of money and time you save NOT suffering. 

-Showing up consistently at work and using your Sick Days for actual illness and Vacation days for vacation. 

Grateful woman
Healthy Relationships

-Spending Time with people when you actually want to. 

-Falling in love with yourself and with everyone surrounding you.

-Knowing the right time to have the 1st date, the meaningful "talk", and when to have alone time.

Satisfied Career Woman
Thriving Career

-Physical + Emotional Consistency. 

-Innovative Ideas.

-Prioritizing Your work instead of everyone else's work.  

-Switch to doing work that truly moves your soul instead of what you've been told was needed. 

-Reaping the rewards of fearless authenticity. 

Seriously, just 10 Mins/Day for 90 Days to frustration-free Periods. 

For a fraction of the time it takes to watch guilty-pleasure reality TV, you get to say buh-bye to: 

woman in a tan wool coat saying goodbye
Wasted Money

-Sick Days. 

-Cost for Doctor and Specialist Visits.

-Cost for Prescription Medications.

-Undercharging for Your Work and Services.

-Vacation Cancellations.

-Being the Default Meeting Notetaker. 

-Over-Compensating through Gift Giving and Taking on Financial Responsibilities for Others out of Guilt.


woman happily saying goodbye
Wasted Time

-Arguments with Friends and Loved Ones because of PMS. 

-Doing Other People's Work for Them

-Missed Sales Opportunities.

-Canceled Meetings.

-Apologies and Asking for Favors.

-Office Mom.

-Showing Up with Friends and Family despite Being in Immense Pain. 


Images of Christine Marie Quigless, The Period Empress.
testimonial about the awesomeness of the Fierce Gentleness™  framework

10 Minutes/Day.

You're here because:

  • You are dealing with irregular periods, undiagnosed menstrual pain and PMS, diagnosed disorders like: PCOS, PMDD, Fibroids, and Endometriosis. 


  • You are over medications, surgeries, special diets, special exercises, special herbs, gut therapy, hormone therapy--being a walking experiment--to fix your period. You want sustained shift now.

...we take care of these issues in the first 90 days (check out two success stories below)!

Check out this IG LIve with ONe of OUr clients, 6 months after Shifting to Pain-Free Periods and the eradication of her endo-Flares

We are the Collective: a community of people who are equally invested in living an easeful life of high impact without the needless suffering of menstrual and financial pain. 

We learn, grow, overcome obstacles, and power through collaboration. We carry the other's load when it is too heavy for them and we learn to normalize asking for help through collaboration. See a minimum 200% ROI just from the money and time you save. The membership program is here for your journey to ending menstrual suffering and beyond. We unapologetically celebrate and facilitate the dreams that you land into reality from that place of wholeness and period balance. 

Redefine Your Normal to Bring Normalcy to Your Periods. 


Heal Holistically

The introductory course (first three months) is set up to guide you through an understanding of the Four Menstrual Phases, and their needs, to enable you to holistically treat your Whole Being and in so doing, your womb. The following segments leverage that learning and apply it to all facets of your life. 


Leverage the Expert

You are the greatest expert in your life. This membership offers opportunities for you to learn to trust your inner knowing. Stop relying on statistics and "they say" to define what is happening to your body, to your wallet, to your life. Learn to listen and to nourish your specific being.


Oversight and Insight

Christine Marie Quigless, The Period Empress, informed members of the Steady + Free team, and our Collective community, monitor your progress and offer insight and guidance to help you along during your journey. You are not alone. 

"I can only speak in high praise to this amazingly comprehensive course (available exclusively through the Membership). I'm practicing the exercises and focusing on exactly what you mention (in each module) and I'm already seeing instant changes. For example, I used to feel under pressure to immediately perform and deliver at work, and wasn't putting myself first and now, I have limits and I can say, "hey, don't do this"...without going out of my way to also say, "I'm so sorry".  I really am loving being a woman, and in particular loving my period, even though I hated my period. But now I'm realizing the connection that we have with our bodies and with ourselves. And it's a very, very beautiful experience."

- AShley T., Munich, Germany 

The First Segment of the Collective, Months 1, 2, 3:

The Shift from Period Problems to Pain-Free, PMS-Free Cycles, from Irregular to Regular Cycle Lengths, and the reversal of symptoms of Endometriosis, Fibroids, PMDD, PCOS.  

The shift 

Months 1-3

start where you are...

You might find the possibility of pain-free periods and PMS-free periods to be ridiculous notions and reading this sentence just makes you angry...or may believe that there is a way to pain-free and PMS-free periods (there is!). 

Our membership enables you to partner with a community of women who: 

  • are reversing pain and PMS regardless of diagnoses and/or lack thereof,
  • are reconciling and eradicating inherited (generational, cultural, societal) trauma
  • are tired of waiting for medicine to catch up and are ready to get back their 5-10 days of monthly suffering (that's roughly 3 months/year), 
  • are so ready to model wholeness for their children, to ensure that they never have to cope with long-term menstrual suffering, because pain and PMS are not normal. 

Shift Begins When You Begin, Hear from a Member: 

Testimonial from a Joyful Member of The Collective






Watch this video to learn

why the Collective Had to exist.

And how We created Phase I, II, and III.

 Even from the beginning, it was looking at my cycle in a way I never really knew before. She gave me a critical understanding of what is happening at different times of the month, and tools on how to cope and capitalize on timing. I can now create a schedule that aligns better with my productivity and I feel like I'm finally taking care of myself in a much healthier way... it has definitely made a significant difference in my life.

-Selena T., San Francisco, USA


Which tier is right for me?

If you are super busy, self-driven, and have no problem asking for help when you need it, RELEASE is your tier. The courses are all self-paced and between the course work, access to the recordings of the Gatherings (Q&A), and using the community for feedback, you will be able to get what you need. 

If you are incredibly private or your work/lifestyle compels a higher-level of exclusivity, are seeking something a bit beyond a membership and more like a sisterhood and want to curate your positive feedback loop with more direct input from Christine Marie, DEVOTION is the tier for you. 

If you want a a place to check-in as you build this life of this "new normal" that encourages and accommodates our distinct physiological needs, as people with a uterus, might need expert help from time-to-time, and want oversight and feedback on your coursework, the SURRENDER tier will meet your needs. 

HOW can the Fierce Gentleness™ framework do what doctors can't do?

The long answer: When we published the White Paper: Treating the Causes, not the Symptoms: Sustainable, Zero-Risk Solutions for Menstrual Suffering, we also published a companion piece, The Doctor's Paradox. Take a look at both of these. 

The short answer: Medicine biases toward patient comfort rather than healing, so more energy and resources are put towards how to mitigate symptoms rather than to end them, and we menstrual sufferers are unfortunately counseled to "suffer in comfort". In contrast, the Fierce Gentleness™ framework treats the causes (most of which are intangible), so that the symptoms at first diminish and eventually stop resurfacing entirely. 

Are my period problems severe enough for the membership?

If you endure any discomfort at any part of your cycle, including if your cycle is protracted (36+ days) or contracted (20- days) the membership is for you. 


Because our womb uses physical discomfort and irregularity, any form of menstrual disorder, to signal life disorder. Our work proves that when we live in a way that accommodates and encourages our distinct physiological needs discomfort and disorder stop. 

If you are a person who was born with a uterus and either do not experience menstrual disorder, no longer have a uterus, or have completed menopause, but want to curate a life that leverages the distinct innate strengths that have evolved within us over the last 90,000 years, you have much to gain in this membership.

We're all here ultimately to shift to the easeful impact that results in living in the positive-feedback loop that results from radical cycle syncing (menstrual alignment) instead of the constant efforting of trying to adapt to a world made for a different kind of body. 

Can I purchase each segment of the membership separately?

Yes, definitely...but when you buy the year membership, you get to enjoy two months for free--the deal-seekers in us could not let this go!

This means that when you purchase the 12 months at any tier, you pay for 10 months at checkout. 

You are able to purchase three-months at a time, which works out to: Months 1-3 (From Menstrual Disorder of any kind to Menstrual Order), Months 4-6 (Money and Worthiness), Months 7-9 and Months 10-12 (Failing Better as we Level Up through Easeful Impact). 

We use the three-month increments to ensure that you can truly inhabit the space of the transformations and to make sure that you can take advantage of all of the resources offered in that segment of the membership. 

You can only purchase the segments in order because the knowledge and coursework is cumulative. While the Gatherings and workshops will include information accessible to all segments, the programs are specifically designed for the specific segments.

For example, if you don't understand the fundamentals of the menstrual phases, adding information about how to endow worthiness through the phases will be too much to learn at once. We are learning to live in a way that is entirely new to most people born with a uterus: easeful impact, Fierce Gentleness™.

Are there any other bonuses in the Membership that are not mentioned?

Yes! We have a lot of fun in the Collective, which includes:

  • the THRONE ZONE: our cycles are monthly and whether we are in the first three months of the membership or the last three months of the membership, we will essentially be four different incredibly amazing forces of nature EVERY month. The Throne Zone is your refuge to fully luxuriate in each phase, every month. This looks like: 
    • having a dance party to Reggaeton in the Peacemaker Throne Zone vs a dance party to The Flower Duet from Lakmé in the Priestess Throne Zone
    • Phase appropriate, member-contributed:
      • journal prompts,
      • music playlists,
      • recipes,
      • yoga classes,
      • books,
      • movies,
      • phase-specific printouts for off-line days,
      • Ikigai co-working sessions for solopreneuers,
      • and more!
  • random Lives from Christine Marie, 
  • trackers galore: (for months 1-12)) an analog daily habit tracker, (for months 1-6) the embodied Menstrual Phase tracker, our (for months 1-6) anonymized symptoms tracker that allows us to internally track your shift without compromising your personal/identifying information, and (for months 7-12) the Growth Tracker
  • Hot-Seat Coaching sessions offered outside of The Gathering and available to RELEASE tier members as well
  • pop-up phase-focused yoga classes--CM is obsessed with alignment and integrity of pose, so the classes typically move pretty slowly regardless of phase focus
  • expert guests offering quick interviews on topics like: marketing for small businesses, eating ayurvedically, falling in love with your yoni, prosperity mindset
  • the "Tea Time" member-mixer (can't help it, I'm a Smithie!)
  • and more! 

I have one issue that I need help with, can I schedule a 1:1 session instead of joining the membership?

While you absolutely can schedule a 1:1 with Christine Marie, The Period Empress, and will get a solution that solves your period problem, you will gain so much more from getting your solution from CM at a Gathering AND working with the course AND having the support of the community. 

How we "be" enables us to live our way into menstrual suffering, so the sustained shift to "be"-ing in a way that nurtures zero-menstrual suffering is going to make the long term difference. 

The membership offers what CM offers and ensures that you curate a way of life for yourself that keeps you in the positive-feedback loop that radical cycle syncing (menstrual alignment) offers. Time, consistency, and habit do what knowledge cannot. 

What is the Refund policy?

No refunds for segmented memberships..

 If you have a segmented membership and do not want to stay for the next segment, please email us at at least 5 business days before your next charge, so we may process the cancellation.

If you have a yearly membership and do not want to continue  to the next segment, please email the team at at least 5 business days before the end of your 3rd, 6th, or 9th month to complete that segment. You will be refunded for the unused segment(s) less the price difference for the non-promotional cost per segment(s) used and the processing fee (2.9%) issued by our payment processor, Stripe. 

For example, if a person joins at the RELEASE tier for the year, they receive two months free, a discount of $222. If they decide to stop their membership after the second segment (months 4-6), they will receive a refund for the two unused segments (months 7-12) less the cost of the two used segments at the non-promotional rate and less the processing fee. Paid Amount with year promotional rate of: $1,110. Refunded: $1,110 - (the cost of the two segments used at the segmented rate) $666 - (the 2.9% processing fee charged by Stripe) $32.19 = $411.81 returned to Member. 

Does it take a year to end Period Problems?

Getting you to Menstrual Alignment, getting you to cycle-durations that accommodate the time that each phase needs for its specific processes (27-28 days based on member data), to pain-free periods, to PMS-free cycles, and to the complete reversal or the beginning of the reversal of symptoms of Endometriosis, PCOS, PMDD, and Fibroids, typically takes 90 days. 

Our members have experienced the aforementioned shifts in less than 90 days.

For some of us, Christine Marie included, the complete shift to zero menstrual discomfort took longer. By the end of the first 90 days, there should be data that demonstrate shifts in terms of cycle length extending or decreasing toward the 27-28 mark, symptoms diminishing or eradicated, pain diminishing or eradicated, PMS diminishing or eradicated.

At the time of this answer, no client has needed more than five months to experience the shift and it was the habits set during the first 90 days that ensured the shift occurred. 

The Membership lasts one year based on feedback from prior Fierce Gentleness™ success stores.  Every participant, after successfully shifting to Menstrual Order, immediately wanted to tackle finances, and once that shift began, they wanted to stay in the groove of easeful impact to practice applying it to every facet of their lives (romance, hobbies, family, work/career, etc). That's how this membership was born. 

There is something about re-remembering what works for us. Intellectually understanding a concept is not the same as embodying it and embodiment comes with practice and consistency. We leverage the power of habit to bring ease to the practice of leveraging our innate strengths to get the most out of every breath we take. 

When are the bi-monthly Gatherings and what do they entail?

The Gatherings are led by the Fierce Gentleness™ framework developer, Christine Marie and take place 2x/month for members of SURRENDER and DEVOTION.

The DEVOTION monthly tier-specific Gathering is unrecorded, live, and limited only to the nine DEVOTION members.

They typically take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays unless both days land in CM's Priestess Phase (Menstrual Phase), in which case an alternate day is announced.

 The time is determined by what works for the majority of the Surrender and Devotion members. We typically aim for mornings or early afternoon depending on timezone. 

Like everything else, the Gatherings are accessible in the app, and are hosted on Zoom. 

The Gathering:

  •  begins with group movement, a
  • followed by a short guided meditation or Yoga Nidra,
  • then a short channeled discourse on a topic prescient to those present or those who will be watching the recording,
  • followed by a Q&A or hot-seat coaching or something else that the group as a Collective is calling in
  • ends with a reset and rebirth into the new day that exists for us on the other side of The Gathering. 

If I am in the RELEASE tier while waiting to join a different tier, can I join RELEASE for the year plan and keep the promo rate when a place opens up?

Yes, when you join RELEASE at the year rate and join the waiting list for SURRENDER or DEVOTION and a space opens up, we will add you at the year rate to SURRENDER or DEVOTION.

If you start in SURRENDER or DEVOTION on the year plan and decide to shift to RELEASE, or shift from DEVOTION to SURRENDER, the same offer applies, we have no problem switching your tiers. 

"Christine Marie is an incredible, authentic soul, and mentor/coach. In the 7-Day Audacious Dare (accessible exclusively through the membership), I felt incredibly held, supported, yet challenged--challenged to be, feel, do, differently. If you've been thinking about working or creating with Christine Marie, it is time. Her "client experience" is outstanding and unmatched!"

-Amandine A., Nice France

Community, It's What Makes the Collective, Collective

"That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported improves exponentially"--Karl Pearson (Mathmetician)

For many of us, it is so much easier to cheer on, and love on others more than ourselves. We have to practice and develop that muscle of owning our wins, and it really is easier to see the progress of others. When we all come together to support each other we "improve exponentially". In our community, we learn these tools together. 

We come to the Collective Community to ask for help. To freely share our highs and our lows. You have no idea what your breakthrough might mean for another member! 

We receive reminders, lessons, and re-understand learnings in a different way when we hear them from our community. 

About Christine Marie, the Period Empress

Christine Marie Quigless, the Period Empress, developed a zero-substance, which = zero-risk solution, to eradicate pain, PMS, and symptoms of Menstrual Disorders through her proprietary system, Fierce Gentleness™ . The results of her work on herself (Case Study 3: endometriosis diagnosis, ovary removal, debilitating cramps, extremely volatile PMS) and her clients prove that the womb is not broken, just out of balance, so we balance it and up-level our lives in the process. The world needs us at our full power: now, more than ever, and the graduation to our wholeness and ending the causes of our menstrual suffering are within reach.

Emboldened. Empowered. Respected. Wealthy. Healthy. Graceful. Wonderful. Amazing. Able to receive information from sources including the world, their bodies, and each other. This is what happens when we learn to whisper to, and hear the whispers of, our wombs. Join Christine Marie, Join Us.

"I am a very results-oriented thinker and creator, and Christine Marie's pragmatism mixed with unrelenting willingness to hold space for me to be vulnerable--new to me, helped me make changes in my life that showed up as more effective leadership and a deepened relationship with my partner."

- Margaret k., Darien, USA

Stay in the know with Christine Marie, the period Empress

Speaking Engagements, Summits, Upcoming Podcast Appearances, Special-Guest Partnership Events like Yoga + Talk, EFT-Tapping + Talk, Meditations, Pop-Up Guest Speakers, the Shopping Holiday Sales (the only time public-facing promotions happen all year) can only find out about these opportunities if you are on our email list...and it's Edutainment of the greatest quality, we promise! 

Let's begin your new chapter, together.