You're in the right place if:

1. You experience mild to major inconveniences in your life because of menstruation. This might range from frustration with your inconsistent energy levels all the way to suffering with endometriosis and volatile PMS or being forced to take birth control for pain management. 

2. You want more time.  

3. You want to be in alignment with your purpose.

4. You want to actually love your body, your self, and your life--not the performance of love, the real deal. 

5. You do not want to use medications, surgeries, and diet to fix your physical/mental/emotional health.

6. You are dissatisfied with your life,  but feel guilty for not appreciating it.

7. You find your work-life, self-employed or as an employee, dissatisfying and disempowering. 

8. You give away your time, your energy, your money, and your essence so that others may thrive. 

This can change now. You choose. 



As a lifelong tutor who has always taken an holistic approach to helping others co-create their victories, even I did a "double take" when I realized how powerfully impactful menstrual alignment (for people who menstruate) and Feminine-Energy Power utilization (for all beings) can be. Solution is within us. 

Start where you are...

You might find the possibility of pain-free periods and PMS-free periods to be ridiculous notions and reading this sentence just makes you angry...or may believe that there is a way to pain-free and PMS-free periods (there is!). 

There is a way to creating a life with more time, more money, ebullient with purpose. Christine Marie, The Period Empress, partners with you to find that way--it's easier than you think and have been raised to expect.


Ashley T.

Munich, Germany

"I can only speak in high praise to this amazingly comprehensive course. I'm practicing the exercises and focusing on exactly what you mention (in each module) and I'm already seeing instant changes. For example, I used to feel under pressure to immediately perform and deliver at work, and wasn't putting myself first and now, I have limits and I can say, "hey, don't do this"...without going out of my way to also say, "I'm so sorry".  I really am loving being a woman, and in particular loving my period, even though I hated my period. But now I'm realizing the connection that we have with our bodies and with ourselves. And it's a very, very beautiful experience.

"Christine Marie is an incredible, authentic soul, and mentor/coach. In the 7-Day Audacious Dare, I felt incredibly held, supported, yet challenged--challenged to be, feel, do, differently. If you've been thinking about working or creating with Christine Marie, it is time. Her "client experience" is outstanding and unmatched!"


Amandine A.

Nice, France

Mandy C.

Darien, USA

"I am a very results-oriented thinker and creator, and Christine Marie's pragmatism mixed with unrelenting willingness to hold space for me to be vulnerable--new to me, helped me make changes in my life that showed up as increased revenue and a deepened relationship with my partner."

 Even from the beginning, it was looking at my cycle in a way I never really knew before. She gave me a critical understanding of what is happening at different times of the month, and tools on how to cope and capitalize on timing. I can now create a schedule that aligns better with my productivity and I feel like I'm finally taking care of myself in a much healthier way... it has definitely made a significant difference in my life. 

Selena T.

San Francisco, USA

About Christine Marie, The Period Empress

Christine Marie has been working in the 1:1 context for over two decades and has used that time to fine tune the most powerful tool when it comes to personal development: Listening. As an ICF Professional, honoring the Client as the Expert in their life and integrating this truth has opened up a world of curiosity and inquiry, which ultimately led to the development of the Fierce Gentleness™ framework and Christine Marie's title: The Period Empress. 

In fact, it was curiosity and testing that brought CM to playing with and then relying on the power of unlocking our Menstrual Magic (for those who menstruate) and co-creating lives we want in partnership with Worthiness: more money, more time, and purposeful living through living our way in to balance by utilizing Feminine-Energy Power (in concert with Masculine-Energy Power).

Emboldened. Empowered. Respected. Wealthy. Healthy. Graceful. Wonderful. Amazing. Able to receive information from sources including the world, their bodies, and each all starts with a whisper. Join Christine Marie, Join Us.

Find your solution with Christine Marie, The Period Empress 

Simple isn't always easy. When we hear phrases like: "pain-free periods, PMS-free periods, and reversing symptoms of fibroids, PCOS, PMDD, and endometriosis, we expect to see a list of medications, herbs, supplements, tests, quizzes, educational programs, diet options, workout options, and if you've had a look at our site, we offer none of that...because it's not necessary. If you need that to be part of your solution, we're not for you. If you are ready to shift to pain-free, PMS-free periods and an end to suffering from your diagnoses, through ease, click the link below to learn about our membership. If that feels like too much too soon--we're all about gentleness here, the power of the whisper, there is a link in the banner below the box that allows you to join our email list. From there, you can get a feel for us and see if it feels aligned with you. 

Let's begin your new chapter, together.