Buckle up for the transformational experience that will have you wondering  why you ever hesitated to activate Menstrual Alignment for your self, group, or organization. 

Learning Out Loud

Audience Members

Even the call itself is an experience of reckoning, introspection, and wonder. CM brings her seeds of Menstrual Alignment Awareness to plant in fertile soil only, the pre-start call is about making sure your audience is ready. 

Christine Marie

The Period Empress

Three Signature Talks/Workshops

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What You’ll Get During This Keynote Talk/Workshop Strategy Call: 

Time matters for both sides of the Strategy Call! We will get right to business, understanding where your audience is on the spectrum of Menstrual Awareness and teasing out what topics will be of greatest use to your people. Rather than employing a "one size fits all" model, CM arranges your chosen experience (talk, moderated discussion, workshop, master class) around your purpose and goals. 

What I’ll Do Before the Call

This is my fact-finding time. I will discern from my end, through your online presence, what your values are and how you see your audience, be they clients, customers, employees, or all of the above, in order to get inspired about how I wish to present. My aim is to host a call ready to speak with you in your language. 

What Happens During the Call

Play time! This is serious work with serious impact and yet, riffing, flowing, contradicting, agreeing, these are necessary elements of our interactions on the call. You are getting a feel for me and a feel for the quality of the room that I create when I speak. Beyond words, this is your time to feel the possibility of whether or not I, my message, and your audience will click. 

What Changes After the Call

We finish with a game plan which includes an idea of dates, type of experience, purpose, as well as a clear objectives and holistic learnings that every audience member receives. You leave feeling like a million bucks, empowered, more knowledgeable of the Magic of Menstruation, and super excited to offer such an impactful and game-changing experience to your audience. 

About Christine Marie

 Although based in Menstrual Alignment, all programs and workshops with Christine Marie at Steady and Free seek to address all four aspects of Holistic Healing: Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Intuitive/Spiritual. Christine Marie's personal journey to pain-free, PMS-free, consistent cycles, required the embrace of the co-creative conversation with life that begins with Menstrual Alignment. Whether we are menstruating, perimenopausal, or menopausal, beginning the process of listening from within, with the blueprint of the four menstrual phases, offers limitless possibilities of healing ourselves, finding our purpose, fixing what we might find "broken" in our lives---all in alignment, in Feminine-Energy Power Balance. How do we know what our way is? How can we create a foundation of trust with ourselves and our world to be willing to take the risk to put in to action the steps we feel compelled to take in order to live this purpose-driven life. Christine Marie endeavored to shift the paradigm from imbalance (biasing masculine-energy) to balance through incremental change and noticed that shift happens with the most ease and grace through Worthiness. Whether in a 1:1 environment or an auditorium, CM artfully and intuitively combines her decades of ballet, yoga, presenting, tutoring, teaching, holistic coaching, and habit hacking to create soulfully enriching experiences. We begin the journey toward balance when we "begin at the beginning": Menstrual Alignment. 

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Improve Your Audience's Menstrual Awareness!