When a woman is on her period, various hormonal changes happen inside her, leading her to think and behave differently than on normal days. The roller coaster of emotions that are triggered due to hormonal fluctuations is so deliberate that sometimes, even they cannot understand. The vaginal bleeding, discomfort while sleeping, and severe cramps are enough to spoil anyone’s emotional capability.

When you see your girlfriend or wife on period, know that this is the time to comfort her. The premenstrual stress is real, and the emotional changes during all this time might make her sad or angry even on the minutest things. She is laughing at this moment and sad at the next. Being her comforting person, do not think she must deal with it alone. When she is on her period after every 28 to 35 days, her physical and emotional suffering is unimaginable, and this is when she needs your support the most. It is evident from the facts that a partner’s support can help her woman fight the PMS symptoms and make her feel pleasant and de-stressed.

Care for Loved One Who is Dealing with Period Problem

Also, the support during periods, though in any way, works effectively in strengthening a relationship. Looking at the number of women who feel anxious, stressed, or emotionally fragile three to four days before the onset of periods, almost 40% of those born with a uterus go through the symptoms that get severe with time. When she is not provided enough support and comfort at home or by her partner, she feels more sensitive, and you probably can feel this sensitivity through her reactions in almost every matter around.

Many men say they want to comfort their partners during this time but don’t know what to do. The protective and concerned men are reported to impact women who are going through PMS symptoms positively. Although you cannot feel their physical pain, you can help them relax and distress during PMS. While her hormones work aggressively, you may help her heal through tiny steps of affection.

  • Discuss with her mindful activities

While your partner is on her period, do not let her feel slow or lethargic in her thought process. You may provoke her senses to discuss mindful and productive things without criticizing her. Listen to her opinions and actively motivate her to express her thoughts and plans.

  • Do her favorite things together

Making your partner feel valued through indulging in their favorite activities can conquer anyone’s heart. This should be your way to go when your partner suffers from PMS. Show your interest in her favorite things, which could be as smaller as watching a movie together or reading her favorite book, or making some cappuccino for her. You may arrange a candlelight dinner at your home or munch with her on her favorite snacks.

Care for partner Who is Dealing with Period Cramps
  • Help her do the house chores

While your partner has vaginal bleeding during that time of the month and her body is aching severely, do not burden her with the house chores alone. If you are visiting your girlfriend, assist her in the routine house chores. You can do anything that makes her feel de-stressed and gives her some time to relax.

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How about arranging a therapy session for her?

When your partner is on her period, painkillers or anti-depressants might work to combat the pain and anxiety during this time. But little do you know, painkillers can trigger hormonal disturbance if consumed longer. I understand that you want to help your partner recover from her PMS symptoms, and for that, the most effective way (yes, proven by evidence) is through psychological therapy.

You may arrange an individual therapy session for her or may get along with the couple therapy session. The therapies which encourage healing through yoga and meditation, etc., are also helpful in improving the quality of a relationship while helping your partner relieve the painful and anxious PMS signs.

Therapy Session - Care for partner Who is Dealing with Period Cramps

Over all these years, I have clearly seen that women who take therapies develop a better understanding of the PMS symptoms and learn more about self-care and coping mechanisms. While you can ease her period pain and anxiety by being a responsible and trustworthy partner, you can also encourage her to do more self-care activities for long-lasting benefits during this time.

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