August 29, 2023

How to Access the Luxurious Period Solutions to End Period Problems: Go Slow to Go Fast

In our fast-paced world, where time is a precious commodity, it may seem counterintuitive to suggest that slowing down can actually lead to greater productivity and success. 

But what if I told you that embracing a slower pace and aligning yourself with the natural rhythms of life could save you time and money, while also bringing greater balance and fulfillment to your entrepreneurial journey? It may sound too good to be true, but let me share a personal story that illustrates the power of going slow to go fast.

The Power of Going Slow to Go Fast: A Story of Alignment and Productivity

Recognizing Misalignment

Have you ever found yourself rushing to meet deadlines and pushing through tasks, only to feel a sense of disconnect and dissatisfaction? That was me not too long ago. I realized that I was out of sync with my own natural phases and the ebb and flow of life. Instead of continuing to force productivity, I made the radical decision to slow down. I chose to trust in the universe's perfect timing and focus on appropriate actions during my transitional period.

The Unexpected Meeting

It was during this transitional period that I had a meeting with my publicist that would change everything. They shared news about a content reorientation, revealing that the direction I had been heading in was no longer aligned with my authentic self and the message I wanted to share with the world. Had I been adhering to my previous timeline, I would have made agreements and spent precious time on projects that no longer served our business' new direction.

The Benefits of Going Slow

By giving myself permission to go slow and recalibrate, I avoided the wasted time, money, and effort that would have come from pursuing outdated contracts and projects. The actions I took during this transitional period turned out to be prescient and aligned perfectly with the conversation I had with my publicist. It was a powerful reminder that sometimes, the best way to move forward is to temporarily pause and reassess.

Seeing Immediate Shifts

After making the necessary adjustments to my content as suggested by my publicist, I witnessed almost immediate shifts in the response from my target audience. By going slow and intentionally aligning myself with the natural flow of life, I had set the stage for success. The results were both gratifying and validating, proving that going slow to go fast is not just a catchy saying, but a tangible strategy for achieving desired outcomes efficiently.

The Importance of Going Slow to Go Fast to End Period Problems

In today's fast-paced world, it can be tempting to rush through tasks and try to accomplish as much as possible in a short amount of time. However, going slow to go fast is an old adage that holds true in business and in life.

As someone who has built multiple successful businesses, I can attest to the power of this approach. By taking the time to align ourselves with the natural rhythms of life, we can actually save time and money in the long run.

One concept that I have found particularly transformative is Menstrual Alignment and radical cycle syncing. This means intentionally working with the ebbs and flows of our Menstrual Cycles to optimize our productivity, creativity, and overall well-being.

For too long, women have been taught to view their periods as a hindrance or inconvenience. But by embracing our Menstrual Cycles, we can tap into a deep well of wisdom and power that can propel us forward in both our personal and professional lives.

By recognizing and honoring the different phases of our Menstrual Cycles, we can tailor our actions and energy levels accordingly. This allows us to work with our bodies, rather than against them, and harness the unique strengths and insights that each phase brings.

Whether we are in our Priestess Phase (Menstrual Phase) or Soldier Phase (Follicular Phase), each phase has distinct characteristics and energy levels that can influence the types of tasks we are naturally inclined to perform. By aligning our work with these phases, we can optimize our productivity and creativity, while also taking care of our bodies and minds. Ready to find out how to align? Keep reading!


The Benefits of Menstrual Alignment in Business

Let's explore the benefits of Menstrual Alignment and how it can revolutionize the way we approach our work.

Menstrual Alignment is about honoring and leveraging the different phases of our Menstrual Cycle to optimize our performance. As women, our bodies go through unique hormonal shifts and energetic changes throughout the month. By understanding and embracing these natural fluctuations, we can harness their power to enhance our business strategies and outcomes. This is called Phase-Specific Task Batching

In my own journey as an entrepreneur, I discovered the transformative potential of Menstrual Alignment. Through my Fierce Gentleness framework, I not only found relief from menstrual disorders and imbalances but also unlocked a deeper understanding of how Menstrual Alignment can elevate every aspect of our lives, including our businesses.

By defaulting to our natural state of grace, we can curate lives that are nourishing for our unique way of being and our womb. When we align our business strategies and actions with our Menstrual Cycles, we tap into a wellspring of intuition, creativity, and resilience. This alignment allows us to make decisions from a place of deep inner knowing, resulting in greater clarity, focus, and impact.

Furthermore, promoting Menstrual Alignment and awareness is crucial at various levels of society. By embracing our Menstrual Cycles, we empower ourselves, our loved ones, our children, to break free from the limitations imposed by societal norms and expectations. Menstrual Alignment can be a catalyst for change, both on an individual level and within our communities. It invites us to embrace our feminine energy and use it as a driving force for growth, success, and fulfillment.

When we build our businesses through easeful impact, honoring the natural ebb and flow of our Menstrual Cycles, honoring the natural ebb and flow of our Menstrual Cycles, we tap into our innate strengths as feminine energy-biased beings. Each phase of the Menstrual Cycle brings with it unique qualities and gifts. By allowing ourselves to fully experience and embrace each phase, we can leverage these gifts to drive our businesses forward.

Instead of rushing through deadlines or stressing about superficial tasks, let's give ourselves permission to slow down and honor the natural rhythm of our bodies. Life is always in session, and time is always working out in our favor. 

Now let's get specific: which phases encourage which tasks? That's what we'll cover in the next section. 

Embracing the Natural Rhythms of Your Cycle

Understanding Your Menstrual Phases:

The first step in embracing Menstrual Alignment is to understand the different phases of your Menstrual Cycle. The Menstrual Cycle typically consists of four phases: the Follicular Phase, the Ovulatory Phase, the Luteal Phase, and the Menstrual Phase.

During the Follicular Phase, referred to as the Soldier Phase in the Collective, your energy levels begin to rise. This is a time of increased focus, productivity, and action. It's the perfect phase to tackle tasks that require mental clarity, strategic planning, and initiating new projects.

The next phase to follow happens so quickly that, for the purposes of application, we actually assign three parts of phases to the overall way of being that we call Peacemaker Phase in the Collective. Biologically speaking, Peacemaker Phase contains the end of the Follicular phase, Ovulation, and the beginning of the Luteal Phase. Even though a lot is going on during the phase, holistically we are the most nurturing, giving, diplomatic, loving, and attractive (to ourselves and to others). This is a great time for sales, customer feedback, employee evaluation conferences, presentations, and public speaking. 

Following Peacemaker, is the Queen Phase and, truly, we reign as the champions for ourselves and our physical environments. Biologically we are comfortably settled into the Luteal Phase. This is a time when we acknowledge inconvenient truths that the other three phases may have ignored or been blind to because of their distinct priorities. During this phase we orient toward solution and creativity. Content writing, next steps for the business, taking your CEO day, and falling in love with your business' mission and values all over again as you create are wonderful ways to use this typically longest phase of the Four Menstrual Phases. 

Lastly, the Menstrual Phase, which we call Priestess Phase according to our embodied nomenclature. This is the last phase because it is the time of release of everything that no longer serves in all parts of the Four Holistic Bodies. The easiest way to acknowledge this time of release and completion is the shedding of the uterine lining and the movement of the unfertilized egg from within to outside of the body. It is normal to experience lower energy levels because the body is giving itself the necessary time of restoration that happens at the end of each cycle. All of the body's resources are dedicated to restoration, so obviously rest is the best action for the body's health and, in this passivity, often answers and solutions that seemed impossible to find will land. This is a time to honor your body's need for self-care and reflection. Passive soul nourishment is happening--this is truly the time to lean into the adage: "I am enough" because the discoveries that land during this state of allowance are mind blowing. 

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Next Steps

Embracing the concept of going slow to go fast can have a profound impact on both our personal and professional lives. By incorporating Menstrual Alignment into our business strategies, we can harness the power of our natural cycles to achieve greater productivity, balance, and success.

Through the power of a quarterly schedule, we can plan our tasks in advance, allowing us to show up in the best way possible for each specific phase of our Menstrual Cycle. This includes incorporating vacations, days off, and offline periods, ensuring a healthy work-life balance and honoring our need for rest and rejuvenation.

Understanding the different phases of our Menstrual Cycle, such as the Priestess Phase and the Soldier Phase, allows us to align our tasks with our natural energy levels. By embracing task alignment, we can ensure that projects progress smoothly and are completed within designated deadlines, avoiding potential hiccups and disruptions.

By going slow and intentionally pacing ourselves, we can optimize our energy and productivity. This approach not only saves time and money but also helps us avoid burnout and unnecessary mistakes that can arise from rushing through tasks.

Ultimately, going slow to go fast is about prioritizing self-awareness and trust in the divine timing of our lives. By embracing Menstrual Alignment and allowing each phase of our cycle to unfold naturally, we can create a more balanced and fulfilling entrepreneurial journey.

So, let us embrace the power of going slow to go fast, honoring our unique cycles, and leveraging them to our advantage. Together, we can create a world where Menstrual Alignment is celebrated. We can live in a world where "ending period problems" is no longer an initiative but an old idea that harkens back to a time when we were ignorant of the massive power that comes from leaning into our innate strengths as people born with a uterus. 

About the Author Christine-Marie Quigless

Christine Marie Quigless, developed a pragmatically driven, zero-substance, which = zero-risk, solution, to eradicate pain, PMS, and symptoms of Graduated Period Problems through her proprietary system, Fierce Gentleness™ . The results of her work on herself (She is Case Study 3: endometriosis diagnosis, ovary removal, debilitating cramps, extremely volatile PMS) and her clients prove that the womb is not broken, just out of balance, so we balance it and up-level our lives in the process. Once we leverage the power of our periods, they become our unfair advantage in every facet of our lives--living our way into multi-purpose-driven lives and cultivating resilience in the process starts (literally) within.

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